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The Normans in European history

Author: Charles Homer Haskins
Published: March 13, 2011

The Normans have left a significant impact on European history, particularly in the regions of Normandy, England, France, and Sicily. Normandy's history stretches back a millennium, with a commemoration of its thousandth anniversary in 1911, marking a rare and continuous historical development. The anniversary was celebrated with a congress of Norman history, reflecting on the rich and varied achievements of Normandy in war, conquest, law, government, religion, agriculture, industry, trade, exploration, literature, science, and art. Notably, the history of Normandy is intricately linked with Rollo and his Norse companions, William the Conqueror, and influential prelates and figures from different periods【8†source】【16†source】. Furthermore, the history of Normandy reflects its twofold impression on travelers, facing towards England and the sea while belonging to France and the land. The Norman landscape evokes a feeling of finish and repose, reflecting a rich and intimate union of man and nature. Normandy's character is also influenced by its geography and history, with its boundaries and internal unity shaped by historical developments. The influence of the Norman conquerors can still be felt in the north of England, indicating the lasting impact of the Normans beyond their original territories【16†source】. Overall, the Normans' influence extends far beyond their homelands, shaping the political, cultural, and social landscape of Europe for centuries.

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