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Author: 张嘉佳
Published: July 15, 2018

"Cloudside Convenience Store" by Zhang Jiajia is a touching and profound novel that paints a vivid picture of life in the small town of Yunbian through the story of its protagonist, Liu Shisan, and his grandmother, Wang Yingying. At the heart of this novel is Liu Shisan, an ordinary young man living a life filled with mundane yet heartwarming details in Yunbian Town. His grandmother, Wang Yingying, who runs the local convenience store, is a figure of strength and wisdom. Her affection for Liu Shisan and her assistance to the town's residents showcase the beauty of simplicity and human kindness. The novel weaves together a tapestry of heartwarming, amusing, and sometimes sorrowful stories between Liu Shisan, his grandmother, and other residents of the town. These stories illustrate the local customs and the simple, authentic lives of the town's inhabitants. The relationship between Liu Shisan and his grandmother is particularly poignant, demonstrating the warmth of family and the power of kinship. As the narrative unfolds, the author delicately reveals Liu Shisan's growth and changes in life. Whether facing life's challenges or managing relationships, Liu Shisan slowly learns to mature and become independent. The story transcends the experiences of Liu Shisan and his grandmother, encapsulating themes of family, friendship, love, and personal growth. "Cloudside Convenience Store" is a heartwarming tale. It not only immerses the reader in the tranquility and beauty of small-town life but also delves into the warmth and complexity of human nature. Through Liu Shisan's perspective, we glimpse the possibility of finding happiness and meaning in the ordinary. The book is a reminder of the subtle joys and profound truths hidden in everyday life, encouraging readers to appreciate the small, beautiful moments that life offers.

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